Fiorina Advocates Taxing The Web

Here is yet another video clip of Carly Fiorina (running as a Republican for US Senate-CA) discussing her recommendation to tax the internet. 

Barbara Boxer, the incumbent Democrat, said in 2004 that she is not willing to tax the internet. For that strong stance, Meg Whitman endorsed and campaigned for Boxer. Whitman’s ringing endorsement helped Boxer to an easy victory over Republican Bill Jones.

Now six years later, as a Republican candidate for Governor, Whitman may find herself torn between her convictions and loyalty. On one hand there’s Barbara Boxer, the Democrat she once endorsed, who continues to fight to keep the internet free of taxes. On the other hand, there’s fellow Republican Carly Fiorina, who not only advocates taxing the internet, but has stated that the US Government should eventually control and censor the world wide web.


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