Candidates’ forum

Clarke Broadcasting will be hosting a pair of candidates’ forums that will air on AM 1450 and FM 102.7 KVML, and stream on

All of the candidates running for competitive races (two or more people on the ballot) have been invited to participate in the upcoming events. The list of candidates is on our election page which will be updated with results on election night here. It is a chance to learn more about who they are and where they stand on pertinent issues.

The first, which will air on May 9 at 6 PM will feature candidates in Tuolumne County (Board of Supervisors District Two, Sonora City Council and Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools). The second event, airing on May 11 at 6 PM, will feature candidates for the Calaveras Board of Supervisors District Three and Calaveras County Tax Collector.

Ballot drop-off locations and the streaming will be here.

KVML’s Exclusive Interview With Markley And Robbins

Beginning Monday, June 21, KVML Radio in Sonora, California will introduce a new show to the local airwaves. It’s Markley, Van Camp and Robbins.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, which held the weekday timeslot from 9 AM to Noon on KVML for over three decades, is coming to a national end on Friday June 18th. Limbaugh passed away from lung cancer last February.

Markley and Robbins were Thursday’s KVML “Newsmakers of the Day”. Here is the interview:

KVML Radio Announces New Show

Beginning Monday June 24th, KVML Radio in Sonora, California will introduce a new show to the local airwaves. It’s Markley, Van Camp and Robbins.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, which held the weekday timeslot from 9 AM to Noon on KVML for over three decades, is coming to an official end on Friday June 18th. Limbaugh passed away from lung cancer last February.

KVML Program Director Mark Truppner said, “Limbaugh was the King of the Talk Radio format as we know it today. There will never be another Limbaugh. We’ve mourned his passing as listeners and as an industry for the past several months. The last ‘Rush Limbaugh’ show will air next week. It’s truly the end of an era.”

Taking over the Limbaugh time slot, Jamie Markley, David Van Camp and Scott Robbins (MVCR) will carry on a new form of the talk show format. The three men will discuss the biggest stories in news, politics and current events. They will do so with an enjoyable style of intelligence and humor. Together, they will guide listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with entertaining conversations, fun banter and sharp opinions.

Whether it is political issues from Washington D.C. or noteworthy events in California, MVCR will make sure that you are aware of what’s going on — and they will share their takes on every topic.

As far as introductions, Scott Robbins is a radio legend and is the oldest of the three. He started in radio working at Top 40, Rock and Classic Hits stations before shifting over to News/Talk. Scott was enjoying great success hosting the Robbins & Markley show in 2015, when back-to-back heart attacks left him clinging to life for the better part of six weeks and in the hospital for six months. He had lost his voice due to complications with a tracheotomy. He was put on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, and was on dialysis 3 days a week. The doctors didn’t know if he’d make it out of the hospital, let alone ever get behind a microphone again. Against incredible odds, Scott’s kidney function started to come back after a year, along with his voice. After grueling therapy, he could walk again and regained his voice. Many have called him a walking miracle.

And the other two?

David Van Camp on Jamie Markley:

“Markley is one Of the most unique people I’ve ever met in this business. He looks at and breaks down topics in a way that no one else in the media does. That’s not to say he doesn’t know what he’s talking about; it’s to say he is able to take complex topics and drill down to the heart of every topic, and approach it in a way that gets me thinking about it differently. He’s also a walking encyclopedia, who’s not afraid to drop random facts at a moment’s notice.”

Scott Markley on David Van Camp:

“Van Camp is interesting. He is a football guy from Texas, a Star Wars nerd, a guitarist, a singer-songwriter, a foodie, and will tell you that a real man eats his steak, rare. He’s truly one of a kind. As a former news guy who’s now unleashed, he brings a unique perspective to what’s happening in the world. He sees right through people’s bull, and is not afraid to call them out. David works his butt off, leaving no stone unturned. It’s funny to hear him go off on his own generation. But if I criticize millennials, he’ll be quick to defend them and call out my generation (I’ve got 20 years on him). I like that. The dude’s got spirit. And a whole lot of intelligence and humor. It keeps this gig fun every day.”

KVML Radio is broadcast on both 102.7 FM and AM 1450.

Rush Limbaugh Show May 17th Through May 21st

The voice that will guide The Rush Limbaugh Show next week (5/17/21 – 5/21/21) will be:

Monday, May 17th Brett Winterble

Tuesday, May 18th Brett Winterble

Wednesday, May 19th Brett Winterble

Thursday, May 20th Brett Winterble

Friday, May 21st Brett Winterble

Rush Limbaugh Show Hosts

The voices that will guide The Rush Limbaugh Show next week (5/3/21 – 5/7/21) will be as follows:

Monday, May 3rd Ken Matthews

Tuesday, May 4th Ken Matthews

Wednesday, May 5th Ken Matthews

Thursday, May 6th Jason Lewis

Friday, May 7th Jason Lewis

Rush Limbaugh Show April 26 – April 30th

The voices that will guide The Rush Limbaugh Show next week (4/26/21 – 4/30/21) will be as follows:

Monday, April 26th Brett Winterble

Tuesday, April 27th Brett Winterble

Wednesday, April 28th Brett Winterble

Thursday, April 29th Brett Winterble

Friday, April 30th Brett Winterble

The Rush Limbaugh Show Schedule This Week

Dear KVML Listener,

The Rush Limbaugh Show this week will be a celebration of his life and legacy.

Today’s program will be quite poignant, with Kathryn Limbaugh appearing at the beginning of the program and taking calls from listeners looking to share their condolences and stories with Rush’s immediate family. Mark Steyn will guide those conversations through Rush’s frequent mention of Kathryn in connection with all they did together with the involvement of the listeners.

The majority of each program this week will feature audio from Rush’s 32 years of programming, guided by the trusted voices that Rush’s audience has known for many years. The content will showcase his wisdom and humor, his instincts and playfulness within the context of today’s news events.

Mark Steyn – Monday, February 22nd;

Brett Winterble – Tuesday, February 23rd;

Todd Herman – Wednesday, February 24th;

Ken Matthews – Thursday, February 25th;

Todd Herman – Friday, February 26th.

Rush Limbaugh’s Show is heard every weekday morning from 9 AM through noon on AM 1450 and FM 102.7 KVML.

Rush Limbaugh Passes Away

It is with great sadness to inform you that Rush Limbaugh passed away today, after a long and brave battle with lung cancer. In this time of sorrow, Rush’s voice will continue to be heard, providing comfort and continued insight to his legions of loyal fans.

All of Rush’s audio has been extensively archived and cataloged by subject, topic and opinion. Given how timeless and insightful Rush’s commentary is his producers will be able to pull segments that are relevant for each day’s news cycle and allow us to feature the best of Rush for the full three hours of the program.

The familiar voices of the programs’ guest hosts will be used in the show when needed to guide Rush’s audio from one topic to another, but Rush will be the predominant voice heard for the three-hour Monday-Friday 9 AM – Noon show and the AM Daily Update heard at 7:18 AM each weekday.

We will continue with this transitional programming until the audience is prepared to say good-bye.

We will mourn together in a respectful way and celebrate the incredible life of Rush with his millions of loyal listeners.

Rush Limbaugh’s syndication team will reach out to KVML with additional details.

The long-term plan will be shared with you in the upcoming weeks.