“There Are Two Meg Whitmans”

Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster testified under oath, in a Deleware court in December of 2009, that e-bay Executive Garret Price warned Buckmaster in a 2004 e-mail about Meg Whitman’s character.

Buckmaster explains, “…he (Price) needed to tell me that there are two Meg Whitmans. We had met and enjoyed working with and had reached an agreement with what he described as the good Meg. But there was another Meg, an evil Meg, and that we would be best served if we got with the program or we were going to meet evil Meg, and that Meg could be a monster when she got angry and got frustrated.”

Meg Whitman is currently running as the Republican candidate for California Governor.


Snookigate 2010

President Obama appeared on ABC Television’s “The View” last Thursday. When asked a question about Snooki, he claimed to have no idea who she is. However, two months ago he seemed to know exactly who she was.

Watch the video and draw your own conclusion. Does President Obama need to be checked for  early stages of Alzheimers Disease? Does President Obama just say whatever is written for him without ever knowing what he’s talking about?  Is the President hiding a secret affair with Snooki? You be the judge:


By the way, Snooki is a woman on an MTV show called “Jersey Shore”.

Huckabee Report

The Huckabee Report by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is heard four times every weekday on KVML. The four minute report can be heard at 6:35, 7:35 and 8:35am during “All News, All Morning” and also at 12:30pm, during the Sean Hannity show.

Fiorina Caught On Open Mic

Carly Fiorina was in Los Angeles, preparing to do an interview with News 10 in Sacramento, when she started to speak off the cuff about Meg Whitman, Sean Hannity and Barbara Boxer. Whitman spends  the first minute wondering why Whitman would go onto the Sean Hannity show. Fiorina seems to think that Hannity is not a show that a Republican candidate should appear on as “he is a hard interview”. Fiorina eventually goes on to make fun of Barbara Boxer’s hair style. Sean Hannity is heard on KVML every weekday from Noon – 3pm.


Schwarzenegger Makes Fun Of Rush

California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yucked it up with a crowd Friday night by making fun of Mel Gibson’s anger issues and Rush Limbaugh’s weight problems. Limbaugh is heard on KVML  every weekday from 9AM through Noon. Schwarzenegger, who’s Father was a Nazi,  is barely understandable through his Austrian accent. He struggles with basic English. Making fun of people with personal problems for cheap laughs, seems all too easy for this steriod using, pot smoker. Governor Schwarzenegger is an admitted womanizer, who didn’t even bother to attend his own brother’s funeral in 1971, but it would be uncool to point out his shortcomings for a hearty laugh:


Fiorina Advocates Taxing The Web

Here is yet another video clip of Carly Fiorina (running as a Republican for US Senate-CA) discussing her recommendation to tax the internet. 

Barbara Boxer, the incumbent Democrat, said in 2004 that she is not willing to tax the internet. For that strong stance, Meg Whitman endorsed and campaigned for Boxer. Whitman’s ringing endorsement helped Boxer to an easy victory over Republican Bill Jones.

Now six years later, as a Republican candidate for Governor, Whitman may find herself torn between her convictions and loyalty. On one hand there’s Barbara Boxer, the Democrat she once endorsed, who continues to fight to keep the internet free of taxes. On the other hand, there’s fellow Republican Carly Fiorina, who not only advocates taxing the internet, but has stated that the US Government should eventually control and censor the world wide web.


Whitman’s Immigration Policies

Several Republicans who voted for Meg Whitman during the June Primaries are furious over her latest ads appealing to the latino community on spanish television & radio networks and roadside billboards. In each of the spanish language ads, Whitman says that she is opposed to Arizona’s new immigration law and California Prop 187. The ads tout Whitman as a friend and advocate for latino immigration.

In this clip below, Los Angeles area disc jockeys “John and Ken” of KFI radio, are outraged over Whitman’s “two-faced” pandering position and tell KTLA television that they believe Whitman will lose the votes of conservatives as well as white, black and asian voters this November:


Jerry Brown Discusses The Fairness Doctrine On Michael Savage’s Show

California’s Gubernatorial Democrat Candidate Jerry Brown, made a recent appearance on the Michael Savage radio show. The two gentleman talked about the future of talk radio if the Fairness Doctrine is eventually enacted. Between Savage’s style of quick interruptions and Brown’s style of speaking diplomatically, this is a quick moving but fascinating discussion.

Michael Savage is heard weeknights from 8-10pm on AM 1450 KVML:


North & South Vietnam?

US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat) represents Houston Texas. 

The Representative claims that there are two Vietnams. One is North. The other is South. Lee says that while we may disagree with some of the human rights abuses that are taking place in the North, both countries live peacefully, side by side one another.

Lee is a blatant liar. Vietnam is one country. The only two different Vietnams are inside of Lee’s head.