CNN Subtlety Labels Northam As A Republican

On Friday, Virgina Governor Ralph Northam issued an apology for his racist 1984 medical school yearbook photo. The photo shows two men holding beers. One is dressed in blackface, the other is wearing a full KKK robe. Northam never made clear which one was him.

During the ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ show on CNN, a video of Northam apologizing was featured.

But those watching carefully noticed that the chyron mislabeled Northam as a Republican. Northam is actually a very proud Democrat.

Was this mislabel purposefully done by CNN or was this a simple mistake from the Cable News Network that claims #FactsFirst?

Cooper never said a word about the blatantly wrong label after the video. Will an apology be issued for such an egregious error?

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