California Polls, Polls, Polls

So many polls this week for one little state… OK, one very populated state with a lot of square mileage. Where do Californian’s stand this week on a number of issues? Thanks to a very busy Field Poll week, here is a glimpse:

President Obama: The President has a 60% job approval among California residents this month compared to his 56% approval nationwide. Although that sounds good for our President, his California approval numbers  have fallen  from 65% six months ago.

Afghanistan: Californians are split on what President Obama should do next in Afghanistan. 33% of California residents want the President to increase the amount of troops, 16% say keep the troop numbers exactly the same and 37% say reduce the number of troops.

Swine Flu: Californians are split on being whether or not to be concerned over the H1N1 virus (swine flu).  51% of all state residents are either concerned or very concerned. Latinos are the most concerned population at 62%. Overall, only 46% of California males show any concern.  However, 72% of all Californians would like to receive the swine flu vaccine for themselves.  When asked how confident residents are that the state public health system could respond effectively to an outbreak of the H1N1 virus, Californian’s have a 67% confidence rate in the system.

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