MSNBC Host Angered By Presidential Candidate Trump

Donald Trump was asked to appear on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. While Trump was answering a question, Joe Scarborough (the host) began to tell Trump that he wanted to ask questions. Trump replied, “Go Ahead.” But Scarborough didn’t ask a question and continued to insist that he be allowed to ask questions. Finally, Scarborough threatened to go to a commercial break. Trump invited Scarborough to go to a break. This seemed to anger Scarborough even more, so he raised his voice over Trumps and demanded that his producers “go to break”. Comcast owns MSNBC.

Vladimir Putin Sings ‘Blueberry Hill’

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, sang the Louis Armstrong version of “Blueberry Hill” in English! This is the real Putin and not a look-alike.

This was a benefit show for children’s cancer research in St. Petersburg.

Fox News Suspends Two Contributors For Bashing Obama


Fox News contributors Stacey Dash and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters were put on immediate suspension on Monday for bashing President Obama on two completely different shows. They both used fairly strong adult language.

Fox News benched them both for the use of inappropriate language.

According to media reports, viewers and fans began to throw their support almost immediately (via social media) for the on-air pundits, with two trending hashtags: #IStandWithStaceyDash and #IStandWithRalph.

Dash and Lt. Col. Peters are both scheduled to return to Fox News in two weeks.

Twain Harte Ditch Begins Running

Letitia Miller captured a rare moment in Twain Harte, CA. She witnessed the exact moment that water began running in one of the local water ditches.

As Miller explained, “On a magical hike through the forest, following a dry ditch, we were surprised as the water service began again right before our very eyes.”

Vehicles Crashes (Winter Compilation)

With snow in the forecast for the upper elevations of the Mother Lode and the entire Sierra Nevada, we want to remind you how dangerous it is to drive during winter-like conditions. When snow is falling or on the roadways, always drive with caution!

The Exploding Whale of Oregon

It remains one of the most fascinating television news reports of all time. It was 45 years ago in 1970, that a dead whale washed up on the beach near Florence, Oregon. There were numerous lessons learned after this. Today, the bodies of dead whales are no longer dynamited along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.