Ted Cruz Throws Accusations At Chris Wallace

On Fox News Sunday, Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz became angry after host Chris Wallace asked about several dirty campaign tricks used by the Cruz campaign. Cruz said that he has run a campaign based on integrity and that he has been free of insulting other candidates in the race. Cruz then launched into a “Why don’t you ask Donald Trump” rant. Wallace ended the interview by saying “If you want to ask Donald Trump those questions, you’ll have a chance to ask him yourself this Thursday night during the Fox News Channel GOP Presidential Debate.”

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Trump Recites “The Vicious Snake”

Republican Presidential Candidate front-runner Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on allowing Muslims into the United States of America. This has led to several outspoken critics of Trump (including Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan) to proclaim, “That’s not who we are”. So why would Trump make such a bold statement, which has earned him both scorn and criticism from leaders within his own Party? Here is an insight. It is Trump’s recital of “The Vicious Snake”.

Angry Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump A Loser

Jeb Bush told a crowd that he agreed with US Senator Lindsay Graham (who dropped out of the Presidential race) in his adamant opposition against Donald Trump. He let the crowd know that it is a sign of weakness to scare “law abiding, peaceful Muslims”. Despite Jeb pledging to a separate crowd last week in New Hampshire that he wouldn’t “be out there trash talking, agitating or blow-harding”, Jeb broke his pledge and loudly proclaimed, “Donald Trump, you’re the loser.” It remains unclear if Jeb has forcefully called Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders disparaging names.

Marco Rubio’s Saturday Debate Repeat Performance

Saturday night’s Republican Presidential Candidate’s Debate (as broadcast on KVML Radio) was potentially devastating for Marco Rubio. The US Senator wants you to know what Barack Obama is doing as he used the same rehearsed line about 5 times at the debate. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called him out on it.

Ted Cruz Family Video – Behind The Scenes

Iowa Caucus Republican winner Ted Cruz now moves on to the primary election next Tuesday in New Hampshire. As the public wants to find out more about Cruz, Chris Moody of CNN showcases the behind-the-scenes filming of Ted Cruz, who coaches most of his family into ideal shots.

Palin Blasts NBC Today Show Hosts

Former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin became upset with the hosts of NBC’s Today Show during an interview this morning, accusing both Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie of going back on a promise not to ask about her son. The disagreement ends up overtaking the last half of this five minute interview.

18 Year Old Ted Cruz


A recently unearthed video of an 18 year old Ted Cruz is shedding some light on what the Texas Senator was like when he was a Senior in High School. The 1988 video was taken at the Second Baptist High School in Houston, Texas. There is some offensive language spoken by the Presidential hopeful. The teenage Cruz concludes that his future aspiration is to achieve, “World Domination. You know.. rule everything. Rich. Powerful. That sort of stuff.”