Setting Backfires For Butte Fire

A CalFire crew performs a “firing operation” on Fricot City Road while fighting the Butte Fire.

This video by Matthew Henderson, shows three quick methods of starting backfires.

Butte Fire Photographer Knew When To Flee

Matthew Henderson shot this footage of the Butte Fire. He said, “As a wildfire photographer, I’ve learned that things can go to hell, literally, very quickly. This was one of those times that made my spidey senses tingle… time to go when the very large tree bursts into flames.”

Butte Fire Near Home

This raw video taken during the devastating Butte Fire, reminds all of us the importance of retaining clearance space around your house.

KCRA 3 Crew Drives On Highway 26 During Butte Fire

Brian Hickey of Sacramento’s KCRA 3 Television and his crew posted this video on a social media page.

They were driving on Highway 26 near Mokelumne Hill on Thursday September 10th. This was highly dangerous to drive into these conditions. The quality of this video is not very good however, the devastation shown (as it is happening) along this brief stretch of highway is difficult to comprehend.