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Welcome to the brand new KVML website! This revamped web page for AM 1450 KVML will allow for a little more interaction with you than what we were able to do with the previous website. I’m Mark Truppner, KVML’s Program Director and host of  “All News, All Morning” which is heard every weekday morning from 6am – 9am. Bill Johnson (KVML News Director) and I make sure that you begin your day armed with the latest national, international, state, sports, business and local news. We also let you know exactly where the loose cows are, as that seems to be a constant traffic problem around here. We live in such a gorgeous area and I’m pleased that we are the one radio station that you have come to trust when it comes to local news coverage.  We work hard to cover every major fire during summer, and throughout the winter we know how much just a little inclement weather can affect your routine. BJ Hansen is the other hard worker in the KVML Newscenter.  BJ can be heard every weekday afternoon, as well as Saturday mornings and almost any time there is breaking news.

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Mark Truppner
KVML Program Director

Governor Demands A Revolution

Every Tuesday morning we bring you Gov. Schwarzenegger’s weekly radio address. This week we just didn’t have time to bring you the sixteen minute speech in its entirety. By utilizing the new website we can now watch this speech for ourselves.

The speech was delivered at last weeks “Governor’s Global Climate Summit 2” in Los Angeles which wasn’t well talked about in the Motherlode.

The Republican Governor brags how well ahead of the curve California has been in combating “global warming”. He claims in the video that President Obama has copied many of the stringent environmental restrictions that Arnold has already implemented for California .

Schwarzenegger’s lone legislation is not enough… the Governor demands that citizens and community leaders take action and start a green revolution to combat the “indisputable climate change”.

Republicans who funded, backed and voted for Schwarzenegger will probably enjoy watching this almost alarming global warming speech, but I think Democrats will also find several sections of this non-partisan speech that they can agree on and perhaps adapt to their own agenda:


Michael Jordan “Caught” Smoking?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)– A city official has asked the PGA Tour to remind Michael Jordan that he can’t smoke cigars at Harding Park during the Presidents Cup.

Jordan, inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame last month, is serving as an honorary assistant to U.S. captain Fred Couples. A photo of Jordan smoking his cigar published in the San Francisco Chronicle caught the attention of city officials.

Harding Park is a public facility, and smoking is banned.

“I’ve already sent an e-mail to the PGA tour director,” Recreation and Park general manager Phil Ginsburg told the newspaper. “It was a gentle nudge reminding them that smoking is illegal and that we would appreciate their support.”

Image: Jordan smoking