Fiorina Advocates Taxing The Web

Here is yet another video clip of Carly Fiorina (running as a Republican for US Senate-CA) discussing her recommendation to tax the internet. 

Barbara Boxer, the incumbent Democrat, said in 2004 that she is not willing to tax the internet. For that strong stance, Meg Whitman endorsed and campaigned for Boxer. Whitman’s ringing endorsement helped Boxer to an easy victory over Republican Bill Jones.

Now six years later, as a Republican candidate for Governor, Whitman may find herself torn between her convictions and loyalty. On one hand there’s Barbara Boxer, the Democrat she once endorsed, who continues to fight to keep the internet free of taxes. On the other hand, there’s fellow Republican Carly Fiorina, who not only advocates taxing the internet, but has stated that the US Government should eventually control and censor the world wide web.


Whitman’s Immigration Policies

Several Republicans who voted for Meg Whitman during the June Primaries are furious over her latest ads appealing to the latino community on spanish television & radio networks and roadside billboards. In each of the spanish language ads, Whitman says that she is opposed to Arizona’s new immigration law and California Prop 187. The ads tout Whitman as a friend and advocate for latino immigration.

In this clip below, Los Angeles area disc jockeys “John and Ken” of KFI radio, are outraged over Whitman’s “two-faced” pandering position and tell KTLA television that they believe Whitman will lose the votes of conservatives as well as white, black and asian voters this November:


Jerry Brown Discusses The Fairness Doctrine On Michael Savage’s Show

California’s Gubernatorial Democrat Candidate Jerry Brown, made a recent appearance on the Michael Savage radio show. The two gentleman talked about the future of talk radio if the Fairness Doctrine is eventually enacted. Between Savage’s style of quick interruptions and Brown’s style of speaking diplomatically, this is a quick moving but fascinating discussion.

Michael Savage is heard weeknights from 8-10pm on AM 1450 KVML:


North & South Vietnam?

US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat) represents Houston Texas. 

The Representative claims that there are two Vietnams. One is North. The other is South. Lee says that while we may disagree with some of the human rights abuses that are taking place in the North, both countries live peacefully, side by side one another.

Lee is a blatant liar. Vietnam is one country. The only two different Vietnams are inside of Lee’s head.

OHHH Double Rainbow

Last January there was a double rainbow that appeared over Mariposa County. That would be a pretty exciting visual for anybody. But for one Native American named YosemiteBear, the sight was almost more than he could take. Hear the Mariposa County resident  for yourself.

New Sunday Show

Starting Sunday March 7th, KVML is pleased to add Oak Hill Presbyterian’s “Foundations” to our lineup.

Foundations will air at 8am every Sunday morning.

Oak Hill Presbyterian is an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, located on 14892 Peaceful Valley Road in Sonora, CA. The church is led by Pastor David “Pastor Dave” P. Bush. For more information, call (209) 532-3879 or log onto

Whitman Disavows Councilman

California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman announced on Saturday that she is severing ties with Bob Kellar, a Santa Clarita Councilman.

At a recent Whitman rally in southern California, Bob Kellar blamed illegal immigrants for harming the economy.

“As President Theodore Roosevelt once said, the United States has one flag and one language — English.” Kellar told the crowd.

Democrats called on Whitman to distance herself from Kellar. The Whitman campaign agreed and disavowed Kellar’s comments.

Political Gifts

Accrding to the Associated Press, the following California lawmaker has acknowledged that he failed to report gifts received in 2008:  

Sen. Dave Cox, R-Fair Oaks, failed to report a $390 ticket to the Holiday Bowl college football game between Oregon and Oklahoma State from Pacific Life Insurance Co.

Cox said he has amended the report and is working with the Political Practices Commission to resolve the matter.

Cox also failed to report $101.17 in food and beverages paid for by the California Professional Firefighters. He has agreed to a $400 penalty.

The following Lawmaker has an outstanding case with the Commission:

Assemblyman Tom Berryhill, R-Modesto, failed to report a $59.90 Keith Urban concert ticket and an $89.50 Sacramento Kings basketball ticket from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians.

Also $195 for Sea World tickets from Anheuser-Busch and $282 for Disneyland tickets from the Walt Disney Co.

His chief of staff Laura Ortega said that Berryhill is disputing the violations.

Rush Limbaugh Heart Scare

Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a hospital in Honolulu last week with severe chest pains. Rush had been spending his Christmas vacation golfing in Hawaii. As the most listened to talk show host in America, this caused quite a stir. The good news is that Rush is out of the hospital and is scheduled to return back to the microphone sometime this week.

Rush is heard on AM 1450 KVML each weekday from 9 am – Noon.