Country Song Celebrates Hillary

Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton now has her own country song. Is this a good strategy? Will ranchers, farmers and Texans sing-along and support her? As of now, Bernie Sanders (her closest rival) does not yet have his own country tune to counter-attack.

Southern Style Crime Stopper

This is a real “Crime Stopper” segment on an ABC television affiliate in Lafayette, Louisiana. This report aired earlier this month. For those of us in California, it is difficult to realize that there really are sections of the USA that come off like a pleasant throwback to yesteryear.

Waitress Fired For Identifying Two People As A “Black Couple”

A waitress at a restaurant in Maryland Heights, Missouri is out of a job after she labeled two of her customers as “black couple” on a restaurant receipt.

The waitress, who was fired, said she used the label to help remember her table numbers. But the customers and the owner of the restaurant said that the waitress should have chosen a different label.

In an age of celebrating Black History Month every February, watching shows on Black Entertainment Television and watching a number of protesters proclaim that “Black Lives Matter”, was the waitress wrongfully punished?

Martin O’Malley Apologizes For Saying “White Lives Matter”

Democratic Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley apologized this weekend for telling a vocal crowd from the Black Alliance for Just Immigration that “White lives matter” during a Democratic Forum in Arizona.

The complete statement from the former Governor of Maryland was that, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” Those words set off loud jeers from the group. After the forum, O’Malley apologized on a radio show for his words.

Ted Cruz Attempts Cartoon Voices From The Simpsons

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has decided to endear potential voters across the USA with his impressions of cartoon characters from the Simpsons. We’re not sure if this is a smart move or truly cringe-worthy. You watch, you decide.

Mother Lode Fair Auction 2015

The annual livestock auction at the Mother Lode Fair raised a total of $285,000 this year. The small animal auction on Sunday raised $23,325.

Combined, this was a total of $308.990.

Asia Davis Returns To The Mother Lode Fair

After eight years, Asia Davis returns to the Mother Lode Fair to briefly perform tonight. In 2007, Asia won the “Mother Lode Idol Contest” at the Mother Lode Fair. The former Jamestown resident advanced to the California State Fair and won the “California Idol” competition. Shortly afterwards, Asia moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career. Asia remains busy in the music industry and has been traveling the globe. The video above was the performance that first made residents aware of her.

What Is Draining Your Smart Phone Battery Life?

Battery life on your smart phone is essential. However, why do some smart phones batteries drain so much quicker than othes?

Well, there’s an app for draining your battery. Not purpsefully, but it is. In fact there’s more than one app affecting your phone. Watch this video, as it may cause you to make some immediate changes to your phone apps.