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Serval Cat Eats Ten Live Mice

Posted on | July 31, 2013 | No Comments

This is a Serval cat. The Serval is a medium-sized African wild cat. In some cases people keep these cats as pets. It is ILLEGAL to have a pet Serval in California.

So we traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to find this lady who has owned and cared for a pet Serval for a couple of years. In order to give her Serval proper nourishment, she feeds it live mice every couple of months to help mimic the Serval’s diet in the wild.

In the wild, a Serval will hunt and eat much larger mice, rodents, snakes, frogs and birds. For a Serval, as well as most wild animals that eat live mice, they are getting their full nutrients out of eating the mice. The bones, the fur, the intestines, liver, heart brain and all vital organs are good for a Serval to grow into a healthy animal instead of always having food such as raw chicken legs, hearts and breasts.

The mice in the video are bred to be eaten and sold as ‘feeder mice’ for snakes, lizards, and other wild animals to eat.


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