Paleo Fitness Is A Natural Workout

There’s a “new” workout routine that is gaining in popularity across the country and it has to do with ditching your standard gym and embracing nature.

It’s called “the caveman workout,” also known as Paleo Fitness, or “the natural movement.”

Shape magazine called the workout one of the top 13 fitness trends to watch for this year.

We must warn you that attempting some of what others have done with the workout is highly dangerous and you can get seriously hurt. For example, a video on YouTube shows a man running along the edge of a bridge testing his balance at a death-defying height.

The people who are taking on the caveman workout are generally bored with the repetitive lifestyle of gym workouts. They are ditching the elliptical machines, treadmills and barbells and embracing the challenges of scrambling around in trees, power lifting rocks, logs or tires.

Most modern fitness programs focus on muscle isolation and cardio-conditioning, but one fitness trainer who loves the caveman workout says the body does not work in isolation; it works synergistically, as a unit. The more varied the movements, the better for health, fitness, and resiliency.

Participants have said with the paleo workout, your mind and body do not get bored, so you avoid fitness plateaus.

There’s even a caveman diet that goes along with this too, focusing on meat, veggies, fruits, and nuts; and giving up dairy, grains, refined sugar, and anything processed.

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