Sacramento Kings In Times Square

A group of supporters committed to keeping the Sacramento Kings in California are taking their message to the massive monitors of Times Square, New York.

A 30-second ad titled, “This is Our Team” will present Sacramento’s case for keeping the Kings every three minutes to millions of passers by.

The spot was developed by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau and Sports Commission (SCVB) with the $10,000 required for funding provided by local hotels, according to Mike Testa of the visitor’s bureau.

As many as 4-million employees, commuters and visitors are expected to see the video, but the primary target audience will be those attending the NBA Board of Governor’s Meetings at which the fate of the Kings is expected to be decided.

“We’ve long-maintained that keeping the Kings in Sacramento is bigger than basketball,” said SCVB President & CEO Steve Hammond on the video’s YouTube post. “It’s about programming our Central Business District with an arena and leveraging that investment as a catalyst for new development in our downtown. It’s about attracting new programming and visitors to grow the general funds of the City and County, which will improve the quality of life for our residents. This is bigger than basketball: It’s about the continued vitality and growth of our City for residents and the regional community at large.”

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