KVML News Is Local And Original

KVML is proud to have a local news department staffed with a full time crew dedicated to bringing original and most importantly, accurate stories to the Mother Lode.

Although the amount of television channels delivering “news” has increased over the last decade, the content has become much worse. This could be due to major consolidation. That would be arguable.

What is not arguable is how similar overall television news coverage has become. Perhaps this was most noticable during last year’s Presidential race. True original content and honest reporting seems to be missing all together.

This clip from last week’s Conan O’Brien show, is meant to be funny. But the overall message is fairly pathetic as we see just how many “local” television affiliates end up reading the same old thing. Rest assured, no one is singled out as this is a common thread between local NBC, CBS, ABC, CW and Fox affiliates. There is no attempt (by any of the affiliates shown) to change the wording, question the source or provide local viewers any form of variance.

Posted in Mark Truppner.