Romney Accepts Occupy-Whatever Premise

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney seems to accept the Occupy Wall Streeters premise, recently telling a town hall gathering, “…I worry about the 99 percent in America. I want America, once again, to be the best place in the world to be middle-class. I want to have a strong and vibrant and prosperous middle-class. And so I look at what’s happening on Wall Street and my own view is, “boy I understand how those people feel.” httpv://

Herman Cain Vs Bill Clinton Footage

Herman Cain debated President Bill Clinton in 1994 on the economic effects of his Healthcare plan. Although this is a bit long-winded, it is a fascinating look as to the character of Herman Cain almost 20 years ago.


Obama’s Derogatory Speech

President Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus in Phoenix, AZ and told the audience, “when they turn the water hoses on, you can’t stop marchin”. Horrendous. This is 2011. Aren’t there better examples to help motivate Americans so that we can all be united?

Media Ignores Ron Paul’s Victory In California Straw Poll

A Straw Poll was held on Saturday September 17th during the California GOP Convention in Los Angeles. In first place was Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 44.9% of the vote.  Second place went to Texas Governor Rick Perry (29.3%). This was followed by Mitt Romney (8.8%), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (7.7%), Jon Huntsman (2.0%), Herman Cain (1.8%) and Newt Gingrich (1.7%).  All others candidates received less than 1%.  But why didn’t we hear about Ron Paul’s significant win in the national mainstream media? Last month after the Ames, Iowa straw poll, Jon Stewart questioned this very topic: