Donald Trump May Run For President

Don’t rule Donald Trump out for next year’s Presidential race. In this seemingly self-made video, Trump states why he will no longer moderate the Republican debate on December 27th and eludes to the fact that he may run for President next year.

Fox News Channel Anchor Asks Repulsive Questions

A Fox News Channel anchor asked Presidential Candidate Ron Paul if he is a “young hottie” who is impressed by Texas Governor Rick Perry… then asks if the two had sex together… and wonders if Paul works as a stripper.. or an escort.

Ann Coulter Censored On MSNBC

Ann Coulter’s audio was silenced on MSNBC for calling US Senator John McCain  a “dickweed”. I’m not sure what that is, but MSNBC didn’t seem to care for such disrespect.  

Gingrich: “Hot Air” Environmentalist

Newt Gingrich (author of “Contract With The Earth”) believes in using the Federal Government to combat carbon loading the atmosphere by implementing tighter restrictions on companies that distribute and supply traditional means of energy. Gingrich says that we should behave as though man-made global warming is a threat.

Bob Scheiffer Shows Contempt

Bob Scheiffer’s antagonistic interview with Ron Paul is notable for the cavalier dismissal of platform policies. The sneering contempt that Schieffer shows Paul is something to behold. Watch it yourself. Words can’t do his dismissive manner justice.   

A Russian Middle Finger To Obama

The Russian Media seems to deliver the news exactly the way they mean it, complete with sign language. This Russian News Anchor displays her middle finger while saying “Barack Obama” 


Newt And Sharpton: Working To Reform Public Education

Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich, worked with Reverend Al Sharpton in 2009 for the Obama Adminstration to get rid of George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”.  The two men crossed the country delivering President Obama’s message of “hope and change”.  Here’s Gingrich praising the great leadership of Sharpton: