Bus Cam Captures Crash

As a bus was rolling down the road last week, a truck decided to turn directly into the path of the bus. A collision was inevitable, and you are about to see the luckiest man in Russia:

Burn Made-in-China Clothing?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid responded to a question regarding a report that U.S. Olympic team uniforms are made in China. The Democratic leader said that he was outraged and recommends that the US Olympic Committee pile up the clothes and burn them. Reid envisions hand painting the bodies of US athletes, so that they will be naked, but proud to represent the USA at this year’s Olympics.

The Lake Tulloch Resort

This video is from the Lake Tulloch Resort, just this last Saturday night. The resort is situated on the relaxing shoreline of the tranquil waters of Lake Tulloch. If you listen carefully, you can hear the soothing chirps of the evening crickets, the ribbits of water frogs and the howls from nearby coyotes as they echo through the surrounding canyons.

Bus Monitor Harrassment

This is the full unedited video of Karen, the bus monitor, who was harrassed by school children. This is in Greece, New York. Bus #784. Caution: Contains vile language from the children of failed parents:

Remember This Obama Fib?

In 2008, Obama said that as President, he would take a hard look at NAFTA. But at the same time, he also reassured Canada that this was just campaign rhetoric and he didn’t really mean it. Those struggling Ohio residents are probably still laughing over such hilarious empty campaign promises:

California Road Rage

This is California road rage of the worst kind. This happened earlier this week in Los Angeles. Despite the clear display of a license plate, as of Wednesday June 20th the CHP and Sheriff’s Dept have been unable to find the two hispanic suspects. The victim remains in the hospital, but is alive and should be released soon.  Warning: bad language and violent display of anger.