McCain Praises Obama

At a Mitt Romney campaign stop last Thursday, Arizona Senator John McCain told an audience of Romney fans that, “I am confident with the leadership and the backing of the American people, President Obama will turn this country around.” The crowd gasped and stood in stunned silence until McCain was told to correct himself.

Santorum Is Against Free Society?

Rick Santorum argues that conservatives do not want small government, low taxes or individual freedom. As a conservative, Santorum seems to suggest that the Federal Government should prevent citizens from making their own choices. Perhaps as President, Santorum will help to eliminate the “4th of July” as a National Holiday and scrap the Declaration of Independance.

New Year’s Nudity On CNN

CNN was the place to be for viewers who chose not to watch Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve on ABC. Or perhaps it wasn’t. The News Channel decided to go with a soft porn segment while welcoming in the New Year. Co-host Kathy Griffin strippped down to her bra and panties in front of Anderson Cooper and an estimated one million people, just below, on the streets on New York City. There is no word if Megyn Kelly will do something similar next year on Fox News Channel.  

Donald Trump May Run For President

Don’t rule Donald Trump out for next year’s Presidential race. In this seemingly self-made video, Trump states why he will no longer moderate the Republican debate on December 27th and eludes to the fact that he may run for President next year.

Fox News Channel Anchor Asks Repulsive Questions

A Fox News Channel anchor asked Presidential Candidate Ron Paul if he is a “young hottie” who is impressed by Texas Governor Rick Perry… then asks if the two had sex together… and wonders if Paul works as a stripper.. or an escort.