Does Hillary Clinton Lie?

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front runner for President, either lies frequently or she just can’t remember her stories and positions. You’ll have to watch and judge this for yourself.

Snow Chains And Cables In The Sierra National Parks

Another storm system is expected tomorrow and more visitors will be coming up to the high country this weekend. Here is a video on visiting National Parks in the Sierra Nevada during the winter and the requirements for snow chains and cables on vehicles.

Man Says What He Would Do With Powerball Winnings

What would you do if you won the huge Powerball lottery? Quit your job? Pay off mortgages and loans? Give money to charity? Take care of your family? Go see the world? Invest?

Those are standard answers. At least those are answers that most of us would expect.

Welcome to the 2016 version of modern society. A reporter from FOX 5 Television in Las Vegas asked a man on live television what he would do with the winnings. His answer was simply shocking… even by Nevada standards.

KVML’s Special Programs This January

Happy New Year!!!!!

Politically speaking, 2016 will be an exciting year. There will be plenty of national, state and local races and issues leading up to the General Election on Tuesday November 8th.

Special Programming this month:

President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union Address next week, on Tuesday January 12th. The President will lay out his agenda for the year. KVML will carry the full address. Time to be determined. The President’s Address will be followed by the Republican’s response.

The first Republican Debate of the year will take place two days later on Thursday January 14th. This is hosted by the Fox Business Channel and will be carried on KVML. Time to be determined.

Two weeks later, there will be another Republican Debate on Thursday January 28th. This is hosted by Fox News Network and will be carried on KVML. Time to be determined.

Governor Jerry Brown will deliver his annual State of the State Address later this month. The date and time has yet to be announced. KVML Radio will carry the Governor’s Address.

Thank you for listening to AM 1450 KVML.

Raise The Minimum Wage?

Joe Pags, a San Antonio talk show host recently sat in for J.D. Hayworth on NewsMax Television. Pags gives his strong opinion regarding the minimum wage.

BBC Showcases Twain Harte Lake’s Rock Explosions

“World’s Weirdest Events” is a television show on BBC2. In an episode aired two months ago, viewers were treated to the mystery of the Twain Harte Lake rock explosions, which occurred on August 3rd, 2014. This tabloid-style show makes a mountain out of an exfoliating rock.