McClintock’s Town Hall Meeting In Mariposa

Last night, Congressman Tom McClintock held a Town Hall Meeting in Mariposa, California. People who hate the Republican Congressman and/or President Donald Trump, were there to yell and boo when they disagreed with McClintock’s answers. This video was uploaded by Mariposa County youtube celebrity Yosemitebear62, who became famous for crying tears of joy after spotting a “double rainbow” over his front yard.

Shepard Smith Has A Fit Over Donald Trump’s Press Conference

Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith was absolutely outraged over Donald Trump’s recent press conference. Smith began his on-air rant by defending a news personality over at CNN. Smith implied that Trump called most of the media, including Fox News Channel, “fake news” and claimed that Trump “put us down like children”. Smith reacted like a little boy by calling the Administration “crazy” and seemed to suggest that Trump stop going directly to the American people through Twitter and instead answer questions that are asked by the mainstream media. “We are not fools…” stated the unhinged anchor.

Protesters Show At McClintock Town Hall Meeting

Over the weekend, GOP Rep. Tom McClintock defended his party’s national agenda and was met with protesters at a town hall meeting in Roseville, CA.

Protesters carried signs that read “Dump Tom McTrump,” “Resist,” and “Climate change is real.”

Thankfully McClintock was uninjured by the protesters and was safely escorted away from the area.

KCRA Remembers The Flood Of 1997

From 1997, there wasn’t a Northern California community that wasn’t impacted by a series of torrential storms. Damage was estimated to be $2 billion, and eight people lost their lives. This is the story of how it happened.

Yosemite Footage Of The Flood Of 1997

With the recent storms, several people are talking about the great flood of 1997. How bad was it? The damage in Yosemite National Park destroyed and altered numerous campgrounds, buildings, villages, roads, pathways and caused millions of dollars in damage. Here is some footage of the great flood of 1997.

Great Moments In Obama’s Presidency

In 2012, Obama insulted Mitt Romney for suggesting that Russia was a geopolitical threat to the USA.

Obama said, “The 1980’s called and wants their foreign policy back”.

Boom. High-five Mr. President!

San Francisco Four Year Film Project In 2 1/2 Minutes

San Francisco resident Matt Maniego released Paradise II, his second love-letter type movie of San Francisco. What is special about this film? It took him three-and-a-half years to shoot — in time lapse — and six months to edit! The result of that dedication is a two-and-a-half-minute movie that is simply serene to behold.