Does Bill Clinton Have A Son? Does Chelsea Clinton Have A Half Brother?

Danney Williams, son of former prostitute Bobbie Lee Williams alleges he is the 30 year old son of former President Bill Clinton. Williams, who now uses Clinton’s surname, often reaches out to the former president on social media. Williams maintains he was fathered by Clinton in 1985, when the former president (then Arkansas governor) hired his mother as a prostitute for $200.00.


SNL: Trump Vs Clinton Debate

This is the clip that several people are talking about. It was Saturday Night Live’s parody of last week’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This is the debut of Alec Baldwin’s ‘Trump’ impression. Depending on your humor, this is either hilarious or it’s completely unfunny. You be the judge.

The real life Vice Presidential Debate will be broadcast this Tuesday night at 6 PM on KVML radio. Full coverage begins at 5 PM.

Drone Video Over Donnell Lake

One of the advantages of drones is the video capability, that allows us to see things from a new angle that we’ve never seen before. Youtube user James Forbes, takes us on a beautiful journey over Donnell Lake along Sonora Pass.

Kaepernick Versus National Anthem

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is staying true to his word on the national anthem. On Thursday night, he again refused to stand for the anthem before a preseason game in San Diego. But this time, he was not alone.