Norwegian Cat Born In A Human Body

A Norwegian news report showcases a twenty year old woman named Nano. Nano says she is a cat. She feels like a cat. She wears a fuzzy tail, doesn’t like dogs and claims to speak “cat”. Thankfully, she managed to find a friend who knows how to speak cat language. This woman is said to be tran-species. It means that she believes she is actually an animal (in this case, a cat) born in a human body.

Chihuahua Runs Across Bay Bridge

A Chihuahua led police on a wild dog chase across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge on Sunday. Footage from a police car’s dash cam shows officers closing monitoring the canine’s progress as it scampered across the five-lane road bridge that had to be partially closed.

The pooch was detained and placed in animal custody before being transferred to a San Francisco animal shelter. The animal shelter staff members have since named him ‘Ponch’ in reference to CHiPs, a television show that highlighted the jobs that the California Highway Patrol has to undertake.

Brussels Promoted As A “Safe City” Two Months Ago

After Brussels was linked to terror plots, the international media supposedly portrayed the city as a warzone. wanted to change that perception with an “honest” answer. They gave people in Brussels the opportunity to tell how life really is in the city.

From January 7th – 11th 2016, 12,688 phone calls were made from 154 countries. The campaign was exported to the entire world: from neighbouring countries to The United States, Japan, Brazil and even Australia. 74% were international phone calls.

The action was also widely followed on social media. The hashtag #CallBrussels was used all over the world and became the most popular hashtag in Belgium at its launch. Over 9,317,000 people had seen the hashtag.

KTVU Reporter Nearly Hit By Car

This morning as KTVU reporter Alex Savidge was covering the Monday night train derailment in Alameda County, a car crashed and careened toward him and his photographer. This all happened in Fremont. Viewers of channel 2 could only hear the sudden commotion as footage of the train was being shown on the screen. At first no one knew what happened as audio was immediately cut off after the loud crashes and near profanity. The anchors at the desk told their viewers that they didn’t know what had occurred. The producers could hear that everyone was okay and the anchors relayed the message to the viewers. Shortly after, this follow-up footage was shown to the Bay Area audience:

Hillary Clinton Calls KKK Leader “My Mentor”

On June 28th, 2010 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton commented on the passing of Robert Byrd in Washington D.C.

Byrd was well known as a leader and recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan. According to Clinton, Byrd was her friend and mentor. Clinton even states that Byrd was a man “surpassing eloquence and nobility”. She also claims to have relied on Byrd’s counsel.

Clinton is currently the Democratic front runner for President.

Mitt Romney Heaps Praise On Donald Trump

In a shocking speech, Mitt Romney publicly praised Donald Trump. Several news organizations thought that Romney was going to use the national speech to criticize the Republican front runner by calling him both a con artist and a fraudster. Instead, Romney used his speech time to compliment… oops.. we just realized that this video is from 2012. Earlier today, Romney held a news conference to tell the nation that Trump is an awful human being. Much like a good con artist, Romney has completely changed his tune.

Hannity Disturbed By Rubio’s Attacks On Trump

Sean Hannity is disturbed by just how aggressively Marco Rubio is attacking Donald Trump, saying that “this is not the Marco we’ve known”. Hannity suspects that Rubio is being controlled by “the establishment” to do all this.

Pat Buchanan, Hannity’s guest, then stated that what Rubio is doing is “not a winning strategy”.

Hannity clarified multiple times that he liked the old Rubio, but suspected he’s getting lots of money to do these attacks on Trump in an “orchestrated, well-funded, and well-organized” manner.

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