Your Paycheck Just Got Lighter

As of November 1st 2009, employers began withholding 10 percent more in state income taxes from your paycheck.

We can thank in part, Gov Schwarzenegger and State Senator Dave Cogdill for our new lighter paychecks. Both gentlemen went along with the Democratic Legislature in a $14 billion dollar tax increasing  budget deal last February.

For doing so, Cogdill was promptly removed as GOP Senate Minority leader. The tax happy Republican Senator from Modesto continues to represent Tuolumne County.

According to the California Franchise Tax Board, the state will return the extra money removed from your paycheck, after you file your tax return. The stepped up withholding remains in effect indefinitely.

Schwarzenegger’s Juvenile F-Bomb

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed to go out of his way to attach a personal message to his veto of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s bill.  Although the Governor’s official position is that the letters down the left side of  the letter spell out a “weird coincidence”, most insiders agree that this was Schwarzenegger’s revenge for being shouted down by Ammaino last month, during a San Francisco Democratic Party Fundraiser (see previously posted video below).  Please parents, dont let your kids read the kind of filth that the Republican Governor spends his time creating and chuckling over:

President Obama Unites Left & Right

President Obama visited San Francisco on October 15th and did something that very few Presidents have ever been able to do; unite protesters from both the left and right! Every style of protest that you can imagine was on display in front of the St Francis hotel, where President Obama was addressing a $34,000 per couple Democratic Fundraiser. Several of the groups represented in their opposition to the President included war protesters, tax protesters, single payer advocates, health care reform opponents, 9/11 truth believers,   immigration reformers, border control advocates,  global warming alarmists, corporate bailout opponents,  marijuana proponents, socialists and capitalists, all united on one beautiful memorable night, to shout about what the President is doing wrong: