Ted Cruz Won’t Say If He’ll Support Trump

Yesterday, US Senator Ted Cruz spent over five minutes on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ not answring the question of whether or not he will support Donald Trump if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. This video of dodges, diversions and ducking the answer will likely be used for study by those wanting to spend their lifetime in positions of public service. Oddly enough, Cruz had said during one the final Fox News Debate that he would support Trump if Trump were the nominee. This evasive answer that he gave yesterday doesn’t seem to line-up with what this principled man said at the debate.

A Complete 4 Minute Guide To Calaveras County

This complete 4 minute video guide to nearly all of Calaveras County is the result of a ‘Senior Project’ in conjunction with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau. According to Lizzy Oliveto, the High School Senior behind the project, “My total time for the entire video was 35 hours!”

Black Creek Park In Copperopolis

This quiet, relaxing video was filmed earlier this week at Black Creek Park in Copperopolis, California. The scenery proves that Spring is the one time of the year, where even Copperopolis is naturally green!

Funnel Cloud Near Oakdale

Yesterday’s stormy weather brought a solid looking funnel cloud over the Waterford area yesterday. The cloud is not known to have touched the ground.

Oakdale Girls Dies While Texting And Driving

The number one killer of teens in America is distracted and reckless driving. Amanda Clark of Oakdale, California believed she was able to text and drive like a pro until she rolled her car and walked away.

She wrote in her diary she would never text and drive again. She told her family, her boyfriend and her best friend that she would be a better driver and put her cell phone away.

Only one year and a day after her first crash, she drove off a freeway embankment in Manteca while texting. This is her story.

Norwegian Cat Born In A Human Body

A Norwegian news report showcases a twenty year old woman named Nano. Nano says she is a cat. She feels like a cat. She wears a fuzzy tail, doesn’t like dogs and claims to speak “cat”. Thankfully, she managed to find a friend who knows how to speak cat language. This woman is said to be tran-species. It means that she believes she is actually an animal (in this case, a cat) born in a human body.

Chihuahua Runs Across Bay Bridge

A Chihuahua led police on a wild dog chase across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge on Sunday. Footage from a police car’s dash cam shows officers closing monitoring the canine’s progress as it scampered across the five-lane road bridge that had to be partially closed.

The pooch was detained and placed in animal custody before being transferred to a San Francisco animal shelter. The animal shelter staff members have since named him ‘Ponch’ in reference to CHiPs, a television show that highlighted the jobs that the California Highway Patrol has to undertake.

Brussels Promoted As A “Safe City” Two Months Ago

After Brussels was linked to terror plots, the international media supposedly portrayed the city as a warzone. visit.brussels wanted to change that perception with an “honest” answer. They gave people in Brussels the opportunity to tell how life really is in the city.

From January 7th – 11th 2016, 12,688 phone calls were made from 154 countries. The campaign was exported to the entire world: from neighbouring countries to The United States, Japan, Brazil and even Australia. 74% were international phone calls.

The action was also widely followed on social media. The hashtag #CallBrussels was used all over the world and became the most popular hashtag in Belgium at its launch. Over 9,317,000 people had seen the hashtag.