Man With Knife Chases People At Union Square

It’s a zoo in the big city. We’re not really sure what’s going on here, but someone caught video footage of an unidentified knife-wielding man who was seen chasing a group of guys around Union Square in San Francisco.

No word on what exactly started this incident, but watching the video, you’ll see the driver get out of his silver pickup truck and chase a few guys around as they taunt him a bit. It appears he’s holding a knife or at least something sharp, but that doesn’t stop the other guys from provoking him — and then hitting him.

According to SF Weekly, Officer Albie Esparza says he’s seen the video but no report was ever filed related to this incident.

This is a good time to offer advice. When an angry man is chasing people around with a knife, don’t egg him on. Someone could get hurt.

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