Kashkari’s Odd Campaign

Here is Republican Neel Kashkari’s latest “campaign video”. He spends the entire time talking about his two dogs and how much they love slobbering all over young children.

Kashkari is falling behind two other Republican candidates for Governor of California.

According to the latest Field Poll regarding this year’s state Primary on June 3rd, 57 percent of likely voters back current Governor Jerry Brown (Democrat), 17 percent support Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks (San Bernardino County), 4 percent favor Andrew Blount, the Republican mayor of Laguna Hills (Orange County), and 3 percent are for Kashkari.

Kashkari has been getting plenty of attention from television, newspapers and other media, but it so far hasn’t been enough even to pull him past the little-known Blount.

According to the poll, registered Republicans gravitate toward Donnelly and his pro-gun, anti-illegal immigration and pro-life views.

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