Laura Ingraham vs Renee Elmers

Last Thursday, KVML listeners were treated to a heated argument between talk show host Laura Ingraham (weekdays 3-6 PM) and Republican Congresswoman Renee Elmers of North Carolina.

Elmers slammed Ingraham for taking an “ignorant position” for opposing immigration reform. Ingraham appeared to have gotten under Elmers’ skin by repeatedly accusing her of spouting liberal talking points.

“I’m not going to take an ignorant position on this as you have on this issue,” Elmers said after explaining that farmers in North Carolina support reform.

“So it’s ignorant to follow the rule of law, to believe in an orderly process of immigration and to follow our sovereignty not our emotions?” Ingraham countered.

Elmers responded by telling Ingraham to get her “facts straight.”

“I have my facts straight, Congresswoman, believe me,” she fired back. “I’ve been working on this issue for about 10 years, and the American people are not with you. La Raza and Chuck Schumer are with you.”

As of this week, Elmers remains registered as a Republican and is running for re-election against a North Carolina “tea party” candidate.

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