Nancy Pelosi Discusses 49er Game

House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a huge 49ers fan. So much so that she says she’s wearing a bracelet with Joe Montana’s jersey #14. Interesting. He wore #16. She also likes the current 49er quarterback with his “big arms and tattoos”. We are not sure if she knows his name. She says the 49ers will be playing the Washingtonian.. uhh.. Red.. Seahawks. She talks about having a chocolate bet with the “members from Washington state” and looks forward to enjoying chicken chakalaka from North Carolina during the game. She informs us that whoever has the most numbers at the end of the game is the winner. She says sports is fun because “it knows that it is not political”. Then she says the game is sad because “our stadium down is being shut down” and talks about the new stadiums for the SF Giants and the 49ers.

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