Roseville Poolside Dunk Video

When Dominic Marrero of Roseville, California and his six friends got the idea to make a dynamic slam dunk video in six seconds and post it on the internet, they never thought it would go viral.

“I woke up the next morning and it was at 1500,” said Marrero.

Two days later, more than 90,000 people had watched it. Even ESPN and Nike Basketball tweeted the video, calling the dunk amazing.

“It had to be perfect because you have to catch the ball from across the pool, then he would have to throw it back. Then then the guy going down the slide had to go down at the right time to catch it,” said Marrero.

It sounds like a lot of work, but the teens did it in one day.

“We were attempting it some bad times. We were not getting it right,” said Marrero. “We went and ate and talked about it. We came back and kept on practicing. That last time we just got it and it was just crazy.”

The friends have always played ball together, but for Dominic – the last guy seen dunking the ball – he hopes to someday make it to the NBA.

Dominic plans to attend college first and is hoping to get a scholarship.

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