Contemporary English Lesson?

The prosecution’s “star-witness” in the George Zimmerman murder trial, Rachel Jeantel, on Monday made her first public appearance since testifying earlier this month about the death of Trayvon Martin. She claimed the jury’s verdict was “racial” and referred to the mostly white jury as “old school.”

Jeantel made a number of surprising statements while talking to CNN’s Piers Morgan about the verdict, black culture and the “n-word”. Jeantel gave Morgan a lesson on the use of the n-word during her interview on CNN. She said “n***a,” spelled with an “a,” can be used to describe any male regardless of race. The other one, “ni**er,” is the offensive one. CNN refused to redact (bleep) the use of any variation of the word.

She said she wishes she would have used the n-word during her testimony.

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