Blind Husky Gets Help From Terrier

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA – Two dogs in California share an inseparable bond. One is blind – the other is his guide.

Animal welfare workers said they found Isaac and Isabella found together wondering the streets of San Bernardino County Monday.

Isaac is a blind Husky and Isabella, his small Terrier mix friend who also serves as his Seeing Eye dog.

“It’s just really remarkable how she’s always trying to be aware of where Isaac’s at and you know if he’s not right behind her, she’ll stop and wait for him to catch up with her,” Hermosa Animal Hospital’s Lindsey Riggins said. “It’s really funny and just like I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Animal rescue group STAND is looking to place the pair into a good home.

“She keeps her eye on him at all times like a little pilot fish.” STAND Foundation’s Dan Guss said. “There’s a work relationship between these two, and there’s a love relationship between these two and how they know what the other needs or what the other is saying is amazing. It’s like an old couple that’s been married for 60 years and they just know what’s going on with the other person.”

(News 10 Sacramento)

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