Carrie Prejean vs Larry King

First, it’s shocking to see that Larry King still has a show. Second, Carrie Prejean was King’s guest on Wednesday night promoting her new book, “Still Standing”.

Prejean was “Miss California” in the Miss USA Pageant, seven months ago. During the pageant, when asked  her about feelings on gay marriage, Prejean sided with the majority of California voters in 2008, and stated that she felt marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Prejean may have lost the pageant because of her answer. It was given to a homosexual judge, who went on to rip Prejeans character and her “Christian beliefs” on his celebrity website. Gay advocates were also vocally stupefied and outraged by Prejean’s answer and she became the subject of ridicule.

However, Prejean became an overnight darling for both conservative organizations and talk show hosts, until it was revealed that she had posed topless in Las Vegas.  Donald Trump (who owns the Miss USA Pageant) originally kept, then fired Prejean for “violating the rules”.

Now Prejean has a new book. It’s an autobiography about standing on her principles and religious beliefs. But just as her book is hitting the shelves, TMZ (the celebrity gossip website and tv show) has announced that they have acquired an exclusive “sex tape” that Prejean had made on her own and sent to a boyfriend a couple of years ago. Prejean has admitted to the tape calling it, “a mistake”.

Last Wednesday, Prejean appeared on CNN’s “Larry King”. Prejean did no favors for herself, by suddenly behaving like a primadonna and creating an immature couple of minutes of television:


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