Shriver “Caught” Talking On Cell?

California’s First Lady Maria Shriver was “caught” by the paparazzi earlier this week, talking on a cell phone while driving. It was her husband, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who signed a bill into law, making talking on a hand held cell phone illegal while driving. Schwarzenegger claimed back then, that studies proved talking on a cell while driving could lead to dangerous or even fatal car accidents. If Shriver is actually talking to someone on her hand held cell phone, then she must:

A) not be aware of this law and is actually guilty of being ignorant. 

B) know the law but is wanting and willing to put the lives of other motorists at risk.

C) know the law but thinks it’s just another ridiculous “nanny state” law and believes that her Husband’s heavy handed style of government is much too invasive into a person’s personal freedom of choices.

Here’s Wednesday’s “Fox and Friends” from the Fox News Channel: httpv://

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