Meg Whitman Loves Van Jones

Looking at the poll for who residents of the motherlode would prefer to see as the next Governor of California, it is becoming clear that locals seem to favor strong environmental leaning candidates. Republican Governor Schwarzenegger, who was the preferred candidate in the last two Governor races, is a self avowed “green revolutionist”.  Now on Schwarzenegger’s heels is Republican candidate Meg Whitman (most favored in the KVML poll above).  Whitman endorsed Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat) in 2004, Steve Westley for Governor in 2006 (Democrat) and then registered herself as a Republican in 2007.  Whitman recently went on a “climate change” cruise with former White House Green Czar Van Jones. She tells the San Francisco Chronicle that she “loves Van Jones” and is a “big fan” of his. Van Jones removed himself from the White House advisory position last month, after several controversial remarks were revealed. Perhaps with Van Jones roots in the bay area, Whitman will consider hiring Jones as part of her advising staff, should she become the next Governor of California. httpv://

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